Dubai Unveils Insane New Amusement Park
6 years ago
Dubai Parks & Resorts will be opening a $2.8 billion (close to £2 billion) project in October, and the architectural model was unveiled on Tuesday. There will be a LEGOLAND theme park and water park, Taj Mahal theatre, and tons of movie-inspired attractions. According to the park’s website, it will be spread across 25 million square feet and hold 100 attractions in total.Think Disney World meets the Middle East.Dubai’s airport currently holds the record for numb... read more

7 of Dubai’s most stylish bars
Jan 29, 2016
Got guests in town that you want to impress? Well these are the places to take them. From the stunning views to the intimate settings, these eight stylish bars deserve multiple visits due to their aesthetic appeal.  You know that saying: never judge a book by its cover? Well that’s our policy when it comes to bars. Largely because rowdy pubs in which big screens and sticky floors pass for décor are so often the scenes of the best nights out.   That said, there’s not... read more
Top 10 Things To Do In Dubai
Nov 06, 2015
In the past four years I have lived in Dubai I have been privy to a remarkable boom, followed by a crash and, ultimately, recovery. If I was living outside of Dubai my impression would be that all construction had suddenly stopped, all the expats left and that the high life in Dubai ceased to exist. But nothing could be further from the truth.  While the economy has delayed some construction plans, such as the massive entertainment complex Dubai Land, other high-end... read more
If you're unhappy in Dubai...
Oct 27, 2015
So desperate is Dubai to become one of the happiest cities in the world by 2021 that citizens who admit to being gloomy will get a call from the authorities If you say you're unhappy in Dubai, the police may call to ask you why. It's because of an online survey, launched earlier this month, which aims to help Dubai break into the top 10 rankings of world's happiest cities by 2021.The simple survey asks users to choose between a frown, a smile and an unimpressed s... read more
35 Things You See Every Day In Dubai
Oct 21, 2015
1. Guys texting and driving with their pets.Via reddit.com2. Strange dogs hanging out of windows.Via imgur.com3. People getting taken for walks by their pets.Via imgur.com4. Pets getting exotic snacks.Via reddit.com5. Supercar traffic jams.Via imgur.com6. Smart solutions to traffic jams.Via reddit.com7. Pets on boats.Via reddit.com8. Parked camels.Via imgur.comNote: this photo was taken in Israel and is used for illustration purposes only.9. Car park attendants you ... read more
Dubai Facts
Mar 27, 2015
How big is Dubai?Dubai is the second-largest city in the United Arab Emirates afer Abu Dhabi; it covers an area of 1,588.4 square miles. the Emirate has a population of 2,262,000. What are the ethnic groups in Dubai?The majority of the population of Dubai is constituted by expatriates mainly of Asian origin. The Asian group consists of people from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. There is also a sizeable Somali community. The median age in the emirate is about twent... read more
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