Dec 2018
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Activity Jbeil-Byblos Activities NOELE avec ELLE Lebanon

We are very excited to share with you "NOEL avec ELLE" a Christmas market with a unique concept and the support of "ELLE Magazine" taking place from 5 to 9 December 2018 at ZERO 4 (Naccache) a collective of the best cuisine Lebanon has to offer, and the new hotbed of cultural events.

We intended to welcome the December month with a Luxurious Christmas market featuring all special items we consume and use during the holidays.


A zone of Wooden houses will host enterprises to present the trendiest decorations in the world of Christmas. Artists and Designers will also have their share of presenting their latest collections. And since Nothing beats Christmas food and Beverages, a big tent will be built under which the best variety of cheeses, cold cuts and liquors (mainly wine) will be displayed in a mood of fun and entertainment (Parade, live bands and shows) for visitor to savor and buy without forgetting the best selection of Christmas delights.


To add sparkles to this market, there will be some workshops on the best recipes with famous chefs along with masterclasses around wine, liquors and many more... They will be organized for whoever is interested to register and benefit from professionals' expertise while having fun.


Kids have a major part in this market with extraordinary workshops (Little engineers, recycling ...) and kids shows during the weekend in addition to the biggest store for toys games and fun games.


This whole event will concentrate mainly on the message that the holidays hold behind. Visitors will be asked to get involved in goodwill actions by bringing used clothes and toys in good conditions to be wrapped again and offered to underprivileged kids through charities. In addition revenues of the event will be dedicated to cover costs and give back to the community by offering the remaining amount to NGOs taking care of families.

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