Jul 2018
Mommy and Me
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Mommy and Me 
Once upon a time a woman found only one egg in the fridge which she needed to split between 3 kids. She did not know which way. In the end she boiled the egg and hid in her room. The kids started banging and asked what are you doing hiding she answered "I am making you a mother". This course takes parents on a self discovery of the purpose of motherhood, how they contribute to evolution, handling challenges etc. 

Why is it that our entire life experience is based on when "I was a child". 

Mommy and me is a course a life transforming experience on how to raise kids with awareness. From conception to age 21. Topics that will be covered why your child chose you, how you chose your child. The psychology and spirituality of you and your partner. Reshaping your ego to handle a much more sharing and demanding life. How to change your priorities and not loose yourself. More topics through out the ongoing class; 

Parents and there own correction No guilt Hard love, soft love Spiritual evolution of the soul Feeding the soul Healthy ego making choices Helping kids make choices 

The course is ongoing and a secured play area is available outside in the open. Mommies, daddies and children of all ages are welcome. 

Tree of Life Centre 

Parliament Square Next to Bank Byblos 10am -11:15 am Cost:$20 or $12 with a membership card Tel: 03/762233
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