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Winter Style Hacks For Moms
(Maternity) 5 months ago

Winter is in full throttle and while we would love to stay at home and get cozy under a blanket, we have to go on with our lives, head to work, run errands, take the kids to school and daycare to name a few. But when your time in the morning is limited and you find yourself rushing against the clock, how do you motivate yourself to ditch the yoga pants and jeans to get dressed in a stylish yet comfortable look appropriate for all motherhood activities? These simple tricks can help you garner a trendy outfit that doesn’t require too much time and effort.


Embrace layers. Layering your clothing is a way to keep warm without adhering to the traditional sweater and pants combo. It allows you to wear a blouse with a vest or a top with a cardigan or any combo you put together from your closet. Remember that very long cardigan you saved from 10 years ago, well it is time to throw it over your shoulders for a retro style.


A pair of boots is essential for stepping in our famous puddles while walking or getting out of the car. While formal and tight leather boots have been in the mainstream for years, don’t feel pressured to buy them or wear them, you can choose between furry boots or combat inspired which are both more comfortable.


Dare to wear tights regardless of your body type. Perfect legs is a thing of the past, love your shape and flaunt it but play with the top attire (long or short) depending on how comfortable you feel with showing your legs. Alternate between thin and thick ones according to how cold the weather is.


Remember the 80s and 90s when knee high socks were a trend? Well they are back as well as leg warmers available in many colors, dark for a more sober look and patterns and colors for funky style. They serve in keeping your feet and calves warm and add an edge to your outfit.


A proper coat is essential for those times when you have a quick drop off but don’t need to get out of the car. Winter coats with a hoodie are the most functional for this case, and their equally bulky but more formal counterparts that come in smoother fabrics automatically heighten a casual look.


Get creative with sweaters, don’t just stick to déjà vu styles, opt for big collars, asymmetrical bottoms, multicolored and patterned etc. It’s the season for wacky sweaters and it is no longer a faux pas to wear them, just make sure to pair them with monochromatic pants as to not overdo it.


Don’t forget a hat, scarf and gloves if needed, they are very cute while serving a great function of keeping your ears, throat and hands warm for minimal risk of catching a cold. Plus, your kids will appreciate that you matched their accessories to yours!


Maria Najem


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