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The 3 R’s of a Mama Vacation
(Maternity) 2 months ago

I’ve talked before about mothers who need to travel often for their work and how they can balance their home with their career. But what about moms who need a breather and would like to travel alone to recharge and refresh? To some, this concept is a familiar one but to many, the idea of a mother traveling alone is unheard of. Her husband might not approve of solo travel, her parents might worry about her safety abroad, and of course her children will make a heart wrenching scene if she were to leave. Let’s leave the hurdles aside and focus on the curve and positive outcome of this mini mama vacation.




Leave your daily worries behind while you sip on a cocktail or juice by the pool. Get your toes in the sand and breathe in the salt water. You definitely will feel a tinge of guilt for enjoying your solitude but relax because you deserve it! When you distance yourself you no longer think of the nitty gritty, you no longer micromanage the household and you can finally think of yourself. Trust me, your face will be radiating with relaxation even if you aren’t necessarily sleeping a lot and spending the entire day at the spa.




Wake up on your own, without the morning rush of school and daycare traffic to get to work or the chores that are waiting for you when you get back. True, you will connect very often to check in with your family, but distance won’t allow you to intervene and it is for the best. While your kids and husband learn to adjust without you for a short period of time, you are now discovering who you are as a woman and what you want from this life.




After a few days of rest you will find that your body and mind are cleansed and you are a new person. All the stress that was building up back in the real world faded momentarily until you feel the urge to settle into your daily routine and be the best mom you can be. Without replenishing our cups, we cannot fill our family’s, and without taking breaks to care for ourselves, we cannot care for our children.


Maria Hage-Boutros Najem


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