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Take Care of Yourself First
(Maternity) 5 months ago

Think you have to be self sacrificial to be a good parent? Well think again. This one’s for all the mothers out there who are overwhelmed and always feel like they aren’t doing enough. Long gone are the days where being a mother meant burying the woman in you deep inside, locking her away and throwing the key. In our modern days the traditional image of the doting mother is slowly being forgotten and replaced by a multitasking superwoman. This definitely does not mean that a mother’s love is any less for her children, nor does it mean that she wouldn’t go to the ends of the earth if she needed to. It means a new era of strength and of enlightenment.


Today’s mother takes care of herself first. Yes, first. You know why? It’s because to care for others, you must be in great shape yourself. It is said that you can’t pour from an empty cup, so why leave yourself to be empty? It is also said that in case of an airplane emergency, to place the oxygen mask on yourself before you assist your children, so why let yourself be incapable? Why not care for your physical health, your mental health and your appearance? Why not work on your personal goals in life and career?


When a mother is satisfied with her achievements, when she wakes up in the morning with a purpose, when she gets dressed and heads out to conquer the world, she is realizing her ambitions. This fulfillment is a cycle, look good, feel good, do good, and these contribute to being the best mom she can be. She owes no one an apology for being herself and following her dreams, she doesn’t need to explain that she needs me-time, she shouldn’t feel guilty about taking the occasional time off to regain her strength and keep her sanity intact.


Let us work on giving ourselves the right to take care of us, and let us seek out to help every mother who is pressured into feeling guilty requiring an occasional time off. So by all means fellow moms, how about we do what makes us happy and mend our souls so we can be able to accomplish our hardest and most wonderful role of being mothers.


Maria Najem



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