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Kidzmondo Back To School
(Kids education) 1 year ago

KidzMondo Beirut welcomed guests tocelebrate Back to School and continuing presence with its community.


The main event wasthe unveiling of its brand-new activities, the latest attractions in its unique edutainmentapproach that opens a world of educational fun for all its young visitors.Various school and nursery representatives were invited with their students, as well asseveral NGOs.

The team thanked their guests for choosing KidzMondo Beirut as a staple oftheir school trip outings and for continuing to be a part of the extended KidzMondo family.This sense of belonging pervaded the event, with attendees bonding over their shared lovefor the city. This was perfectly illustrated by the moment they all sang the nationalanthem together, which was followed by several speeches; Ms. Mirna Souaid, Marketingand PR Director of KidzMondo Beirut, welcomed school representatives, sponsors,marketing partners, Beiruting and Beiruting Kids, and the media.

She also thanked theKidzMondo Beirut team, in particular Chief Executive Officer Samer Kahil and the groupsales department as well as the other departments, for their hard work and dedicationand promised continuous improvements and new activities throughout the school year. Anartistic performance and an organized tour for preschoolers were organized in honor ofthe occasion, and to round it all off the kids had the run of the entire city.

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