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Who's ImagineMe
(Kids education) 6 months ago

ImagineMe offers personalized children's books as unique as each child. The parents can pick the character that looks the closest to their child with the right hair and skin color and give it a name, so that they boost the children's self-confidence by making them the hero of their own story! The personalized children's book offered by ImagineMe and particularly the personalized adventure in Lebanon is especially perfect for kids of Lebanese Expats. The adventures happening in Lebanon will help connect the child back to their roots and to help them relate positively to Lebanon .


BeirutingKids met with the owner of ImagineMe Ingrid Salloum to tell us more about ImagineMe.

1.How did you get the idea to start writing your book?
Like many other families in Lebanon, I have family members who are living abroad. My little nieces and nephews are growing up in the US.  I always struggle to find interesting gifts about Lebanon since they do have access to the usual common products (clothes, toys, ...) Something that they will remind them of us (family in Lebanon) , that is fun and I really want them to know how special they are for us.

There are very little fun stories for little kids about Lebanon. They are usually educational and not in a story format that is fun and simple for kids between 1-9 years old. I decided to create a very special story happening in Lebanon so that they learn more about the country and some aspects of its culture and values. The story will include all of their family members who are still in Lebanon so that they relate better and positively to the story.I also made sure that we can include a personal message at the beginning of the book so that my nieces are always reminded how special they are to me.


2. What is special about this story?
The story elements include personalized information that will put the child at the center of the story. It will include family members and friends living in Lebanon, their favorite Lebanese dish, the region they come from,  and much more ...We have also worked with an an educational psychologist to make sure children relate positively to Lebanon.

3.  How long did it take you to create this idea?
The story took around 6 months to finalize it. it took more time than the usual as we wanted to make sure the content is what our customers would look for, in a story about Lebanon Lebanese expats as well as local ones. We reached out to families living in Lebanon and abroad  through a survey to make sure it responds to their needs.Then a team of professionals worked on the content with gorgeous graphics which was reviewed by the educational psychologist.

4- Why do you think this book is a success?
It all comes down to a great product. Nobody else has done anything like it before. It's perfect for all ages and a gift for every occasion. It can be delivered to anywhere in the world with very affordable shipping fees.

5.Will this book leave a mark in the readers' lives?
ImagineMe books are keepsakes built to last a lifetime. Each book is unique to each kid and offered by a dear person to their heart who can include a personalized message at no extra cost, making it a very special keepsake.


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