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Benefits of a Healthy Student Teacher Relationship
(Kids education) 2 months ago

Teacher’s day comes around once a year to remind us to take a moment to appreciate the hard work a teacher puts into educating children and young adults. It truly is a career that requires sacrifice, effort and a lot of patience. Teachers make their mark on us during our formative years and they make or break our love for school subjects. If we feel they are harsh we end up resenting the material being taught but if they are warm we remember them constantly as we get older. In all cases the educator does what he/she needs to do to discipline the class for a better learning.


However today we want to highlight the benefits of a good and healthy student/teacher relationship, the effects which can have long lasting positivity.


A good relationship forms security within the child, where he believes that the teacher wants his best and he can trust her. It also reduces stress and balances hormones if the child is not fearful of the teacher.


A comfortable environment leads to more engagement in class because there is no worry of the answers or questions being looked down upon. The verbal skills of the child progress as well.


It allows self control within the classroom and a healthy social development of each child.


The child feels supported and encouraged not shamed and embarrassed, which is very essential in the growing years for self confidence and a positive psychology.


There will also be no personal criticisms or bias to one child versus another and the teacher will bridge culture gaps as opposed to create them.


Needless to say that it also leads to academic success because the essential needs are given and the good relationship is nurtured throughout the years.


It is also essential to mention that a lot of times the success of the student/teacher relationship depends on the parents and how they deal with issues that are happening with their child. A positive attitude towards school and teachers is encouraged to coax the child into going each day with a can-do attitude and not with a defense mechanism that would potentially cause him to shut down emotionally and cognitively. Like everything in life it’s a two way street.


We at Beiruting Kids would like to wish all teachers a happy day, we look up to you as you continue to nourish the minds of the future generations!


Maria Najem






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