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3 Tips for Packing Kids Beach Bags
(Kids education) 4 years ago

Summer is upon us! Schools are out, daycares become summer camps and alarm clocks are semi off! The most exciting feature of this season for kids and adults alike is the beach (or pool). It is true that moms prepare a day ahead and pack everyone’s bag and then unpack once back to do the laundry and organize once again, but it seems that with every beach day there is something missing or gone wrong. Here at Beiruting Kids, we want you to enjoy your day and in hopes of it going very smoothly, here are some tips on what to pack to avoid unwanted situations.


1. Kids get hungry and thirsty VERY often, especially when they are active. And being in the sun the majority of the day means the risk of dehydration, a sun stroke or a lack of energy which leads to tantrums. Tackle this early on and offer a snack. Ideas are carrots and cucumbers if you are able to take a mini cooler or iced Tupperware, dry munchies such as pretzels, wafers, nuts, “pain au lait” are easy suggestions. Needless to say pack all the water and juices you can as well. Leave a bag of chips for when the day is wrapping up and you need them to head to the shower and go home, it will help you convince them to get up from the water fast.


2. Bring along toys for all of their moods. No one knows your kids better than you, so if at home they say they don’t want to bring a certain toy along but you know that this is their comfort item; bring it along anyway for when they get sleepy or clingy. Your beach bag at this point should contain the water toys and any toy or game that they favor, don’t worry about over packing because sometimes one tiny item can console your child when in need.


3. As much as children love the water, they also need some rest from it and the sun. This means that they most likely won’t spend the entire day in their swimsuit, so take an extra t-shirt and short for your sons and a cotton summer dress for your daughters. It will keep them dry and protected from the glare of the sun while they rest, play or eat.


We hope these tips will make your next beach experience an effortless one! Do you have any tips? Share them with us so that more moms can benefit, and meanwhile enjoy your beach day!


Maria Hage-Boutros Najem


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