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3 Tips For Kid's Bathtime
(Kids education) 2 months ago

Bathtime for parents signifies wrapping up the day and making time for much needed relaxation once bedtime closes in. However for children (and for that same reason) they dread entering the bath area to avoid eventual sleep and to secure a longer play time. Therefore we end up begging, chasing and getting tense on a DAILY basis.How can us mothers get our kids to take a bath willingly?


Here are 3 techniques to make a smooth sailing bathtime procedure.


The Routine

Stick to a routine with NO exceptions. Kids thrive on routine and they need to know what to expect next, it gives them a sense of security. Once you establish the course of things don't make any changes, because one time means every time. For example after school/day care set the schedule for relaxing then homework followed by a bit of playing. Then integrate bathtime before dinner and the rest of your daily routine. When your children get used to this routine it makes tasks run smoothly.

The Toy

Allow your kids to choose the I favorite toy to play with while they bathe. You can also encourage them to, in turn, take care of their toy, lather it with soap, rinse it and towel dry, just as you do to them. This does more than just gets them excited about taking a shower, but gives them a sense of responsibility because they are the grown-up in this scenario.

The Promise

Give your children an incentive to get their shower over and done with. It could be a yummy dinner, a TV show they love, a new book to read or more time to play before they sleep. Whatever you choose to propose no matter how seemingly insignificant triggers an expectation that kids would want to receive. Of course as parents it is our duty to fulfill that promise and keep the trust on going, so keep the rewards feasible!
Try these tips starting today and within a few days you will see a change, a definite enthusiasm for this part of their day. Remember,  parenting needs a bit of creativity sometimes and the easiest answers are usually the fun ones!


Maria Najem


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