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3 Reasons Your Child Needs To Nap
(Kids education) 6 months ago

Many of us parents can’t wait until the day where our toddler stops daytime napping because we think that a skipped nap means earlier bedtime at night. We try to hold them off from napping during the day when we need them to sleep early on our date nights or before early mornings the next day, but why does it always seem to fail? What if I told you that it has the exact opposite effect and that naps really are essential for a healthy and happy child? Here are 3 advantages of daytime naps for children under the age of 3.


1. A sleepy child is a cranky child. Ever notice how all of a sudden your toddler starts throwing tantrums, becomes hyperactive, and acts out and you cannot figure out what he wants? This is due to sleepiness and it manifests itself in this way because at their age kids cannot express their feelings. A short nap during the day energizes your child and allows him to continue with the day with a good mood.


2. Children go through growth spurts very often, and just as they require more food and water to fuel their bodies to cope with this part of childhood, they need sleep. Their body becomes more tired because it is going through a lot of changes and this is made up for in sleep. Allow your child a quick nap so that his body can energize and grow.


3. Contrary to popular belief, when a child is well rested during the day, he will sleep better during the night. Have you ever noticed that a child who misses naptime and is obviously sleepy in the evening, refuses to get into bed or when in bed is unable to stay still? This is linked to the lack of sleep during the day, so before you deny your child a short nap, keep in mind that it is needed for an easy nighttime sleep.


Maria Najem


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