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3 New Year's Resolutions for Every Parent
(Maternity) 6 months ago

Making New Year’s resolutions is a worldwide custom, where each person reflects back on their year and with a lot of enthusiasm decides to change a few bad habits and learn new skills or whatever makes that person happier and more fulfilled. I got to thinking how we as parents need to make our list to become a better version of ourselves while maintaining our happiness. Here are 3 resolutions every parent must consider for a healthy and peaceful new year.


1. Stop comparing to other parents.


Comparing is human but it’s a trap that leads to a lack of fulfillment. No one knows what anyone is going through, so why compare your reality at home with what other parents show or tell you? As moms we might feel that other mothers are more glamorous, have more time, more help at home, work outside the home, stay at home with their kids, travel a lot, feed their kids only organic food, throw the best birthday parties, spend afternoons of crafts and art, don’t allow screen time, breastfeed exclusively, lost the baby weight within a couple of weeks, and the list goes on. But what one mother has in strength she might lack in another area, and she may also wondering how you do it all. The grass is always greener on the other side but water your own lawn instead of looking to your neighbor’s.


2. Stop trying to be perfect.


Perfect parents aren’t necessarily happy parents, and happy parents aren’t perfect ones either. A happy parent reflects on the child and the household becomes more fun and in turn the kids are happy and relaxed. Focusing too much on perfection is detrimental, not only is it something we cannot achieve, it leads to anxiety and mental health issues when we are too hard on ourselves. Children need happy parents not perfect ones so embrace what you view as flaws, allow the house to be a mess of toys, jump and dance, have fun with your kids and let your positive behavior rub off on them.


3. Stop feeling guilty for alone time.


Every mother needs an occasional break or what is called me-time. This can range from getting your nails and hair done, a massage, yoga, reading a book, watching a movie, meditating, practicing a hobby, going for coffee with friends and anything that can help you unwind. If anyone tries to guilt you into not doing these things don’t let their negativity and judgment get to you, you need this for your sanity and for you to recharge so you can go on being a happy parent as mentioned above. Take the break you need daily, weekly or monthly, just make sure you schedule time for yourself and remember that you are a woman/man before you became a parent.


Maria Najem


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