Dec 2018
Le Marché des Délices au Liban!
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Activity Activities Le Marché des Délices au Liban!  Lebanon
It's that time of year that unites us all in celebration to love each other. Laugh together. Celebrate the joy of Christmas. Bringing the European Christmas market experience straight to you.

Le Marché Des Délices will feature:
*Delicacies: Cold Cuts, Cheeses, Foie Gras.
*Spirits: Wine, Vin Chaud, Cognac, Single Malt and others.
*Pastries: Madeleine, Bûche de Noël, Christmas Cake, Candy Cane and more.
*Bakeries: Christmas themed bread, Ginger Bread, Pretzels and more.
*Chocolate boutiques
*Noël du Partage
*Daily Shows
*Kids area
Waterfront City, Dbayeh, Lebanon
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