Apr 2019
Drawing and Painting at Skillz
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Drawing and Painting at Skillz 
New classes starting in February 2019! 
Courses will take place on Tuesday mornings from 10:30am till 12:30pm 
Click the link to learn more or give us a call on 01-584234 
Profile of the teacher: Coming from a multicultural Slavic ethnicity, Oksana Oubari was bathed in different forms of arts since her early years. She completed her studies at the Donetsk School of Arts then traveled to Russia to refine her skills attending a multitude of classes in divers plastic arts disciplines before landing 13 years ago in the Lebanon where she actually lives with her husband and kids. 
A dedicated mother, she kept on working and improving her skills while raising her 2 boys. Oksana is fluent in English/French/Russian & Ukrainian. 
Her teaching career started 6 years ago, in both group classes and private lessons for kids and adults aged from 5 to 77. 
(+961) 1 584 234

Skillz, Beirut, Lebanon
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