Sep 2018
Cooking for kids & those with Learning Difficulties
Working in the kitchen is simply something children enjoy! Nevertheless, they do not even realize how much they are learning because of how much fun they are having.
Teaching kids to cook will help instill skills to last them a lifetime. Cooking is a great way to learn life skills and to acquire and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Social skills are a very important area tackled during cooking where children learn to work in a team and communicate for various purposes.
Timings: every Thursday from 04:00 pm until 05:00 pm, Sep 19 2018 to Dec 30 201
and every Saturday from 11:30 am until 12:30 pm, Sep 19 2018 to Dec 30 2018
Special Miles (S-miles), Sabtieh, Bauchrieh, Metn, Lebanon
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